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Lagi iseng aja..

Tadi pagi dapet e-mail dari Friendster yang ngasih tau kalau blog dari friendster tersebut sudah dimigrasikan dan diupdate.

Akhirnya Zka teringat kalau pernah punya blog di Friendster yang dipakai untuk menuliskan kegiatan sehari-hari dan beberapa pemikiran. Oleh karena itu, dalam rangka mengenang kembali blog tersebut Zka berikan link-nya.

Blog lamanya Zka

Author: Zka

a love of adventure and risk, a toleration of ambiguity, an ability to synthesize meaning from disparate sources, a commitment to knowledge

3 thoughts on “My Old Blog”

  1. Siinäpä vasta liikeidea. Sanotaan vielä, että siitä voi olla hyötyä aknen, naisten viiksikarvojen ja silmätulehduksen hoidossa ja pistetään pari mitään todistamatonta tutkimusta päälle, niin raha alkaa virrata!

  2. person is actively working against the party because their choice did not get elected. I guess the proof will be what sign she….ooops…they put up on their lawn. I would not be surprised that the plan was/is to run against the Conservative candidate and then cross the floor shortly there after to the Conservatives. There by having their cake and eating it too. I would like to eat my words but will I? As they say in the army during pop up target practice…wait and shoot.

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